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Opportunities for summer activities abound at the Rock Sports Complex

Posted at 5:55 PM, Jun 25, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-25 22:45:55-04

FRANKLIN — The sounds of summer. Youth Baseball. At the Rock.

"These kids have been online, right? Doing their homework online, trapped inside. So this is, you know, we gotta keep them safe. And that's something we take very seriously. But the ability to be outside. With their buddies, you know, being athletic. I mean that's what this is about," Mike Zimmerman says.

The facility is following current guidelines to provide summer activities for all. Like the Umbrella Bar.

"It's an open-air concept. So the Umbrella Bar literally opens up. We don't let anybody still sit on the inside of that. You have to come in, get your drinks. The bartender puts it down, you have to grab it. We really shoot for cashless transactions. And then you're essentially you know, asked to go social distance. You can sit at a table. As people leave the tables? We come and rinse them down," Zimmerman says.

Part of the appeal of the rock is the breathtaking scenery.

"This is a unique complex. It's 170 acres, nestled next to Whitnall Park. It's got great sightlines, and you know when there's baseball going on, especially like a time like in COVID, it's just, as we were talking about the sounds, it's awesome to hear," Zimmerman says.

The professional Milwaukee Milkmen will start up Friday, July 3.

"Yeah, then there's that too. Yeah, so we've got, it's six teams. It was 3 cities. But yeah, it's the American Association, I could talk for hours about that, but we start July 3," Zimmerman says.

In addition to all the baseball, The Rock also has a soccer camp with their association with the Milwaukee Wave going on, they have plenty of offerings, for everyone.

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