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Old Towne Cobbler sees 65 percent decrease in business

Posted at 6:32 AM, Dec 14, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-14 09:34:05-05

WAUWATOSA — Between shutting down for months and people staying inside, it's been a rough year for Olde Towne Cobbler.

"It's been pretty difficult. It's been touch and go. It's unclear where the shoe store will be in a year if this continues," says Nicole Devries, manager of Old Towne Cobbler.

Current business is a mere 35-percent compared to last year, but it's still worth opening the door each morning.

"We have a pretty good following, so most people that come in here, even for a shoe repair, will say I don't know where I'm going to wear these, but I'll get them fixed for now," says Nicole.

Thankful for repeat customers, this shop on N. 68th Street still needs new feet to walk through the door.

"We focus on achy feet, sore backs, supportive shoes. We are still pretty old school, so people that come in here get the one on one that people do desire, compared to a big show store," says Nicole.

If you believe all shoes are the same, you may need to visit Olde Towne Cobbler more than you think.

"Different shoes offer different things. We have high arch support, we have hiking shoes, boots for winter, walking shoes," says Nicole.

Whether you need a sole fixed or a brand new pair, Olde Towne Cobbler will do whatever they can to keep you moving and healthy.

"We don't mind doing curbside here or phone orders. We try to accommodate whoever we can. We've had repairs, and obviously, there have been people in quarantine, so we hang on to the stuff," says Nicole.

Next time you're shopping for shoes, socks, even sandals, give Olde Towne Cobbler a try.

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