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Jo-Don Farm faces financial burdens amid coronavirus

Posted at 6:38 AM, Jun 19, 2020

CALEDONIA — Jo-Don Farms has been in Alexaundria Meyers family for generations.

"It's fun! Sometimes it's not so fun and hard. But it's worth it. Every day is worth it," says Alexaundria, animal caregiver.

While naps are taken frequently at the farm, by the animals, there is never a dull moment. However, things have been on the rocky side with COVID-19, dealing with significant financial burdens.

"We've lost two-thirds of our income for the year. We do off-site jobs including festivals like the Racine County Fair that just announced that they're closing for the year," says Alexaundria.

Trying to recoup the farm's losses, Alexaundria and others have been taking care of the animals for free.

"Typically we do have a payroll and everyone gets paid, but throughout all of this since March everyone has been volunteering. We haven't been able to make any payroll because our priority has to be feeding the animals," says Alexaundria.

With over 300 stomachs to feed and no way to bring in any income for months, Jo-Don Farms quickly became overwhelmed by the community's support.

"It has been amazing. On top of the GoFundMe, we had many donations through the mail, many checks, and dropoffs of food and supplies for the animals. It's been amazing what the community has done for us. We didn't expect any of that. We expected maybe to get 500 out of it and we got well over 10thousand," says Alexaundria.

Taking each day at a time, Jo-Don Farms is offering ways for you to experience these animals without leaving your home.

"Right now we are offering private in-home discounts on different parties and pony rides or petting zoos for your birthday parties," says Alexaundria.

Plus, a social distance friendly event to say thank you for the support.

"We are going to try and do a few, smaller, kids for free days. Because those tend to be kind of big. But a few smaller events throughout the summer so the kids can get out of the house and come and do something," says Alexaundria.

Opened seven days a week, many faces are looking forward to seeing you at Jo-Don Farms.

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