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Historic Scotty's Bar and Pizza faces more than one health crisis

Posted at 6:31 AM, Jul 01, 2020
and last updated 2020-07-01 07:31:54-04

Gary Tiedke, the owner of The Historic Scotty's Bar and Pizza, was dealing with his own health issues when COVID-19 hit the states.

"Everything happened all at once. I was in the hospital getting open heart surgery at the time of this on February 28. So, I had other people running it," says Gary.

When Wisconsin shut down bars, Gary knew their food would provide some income.

"We always had carryout. We have a very good pickup stream, people call it in and you know it's hot and ready," says Gary.

One thing the pandemic didn't stop Scotty's from doing, adding delivery during the stay at home order. Gary says it was just another outlet where the community showed their support.

"The people were very generous with the tips and trying to support us. We had a lot of new faces," says Gary.

With the bar able to open, Gary plans on opening the dining area on July 10. Even if you aren't the biggest pizza fan, there are many other things to enjoy.

"Not only the pizza, but we've got our fish fries. Old fashion chicken fry on Saturday and Sunday. Our homemade potato pancakes, the recipe of my father's. My girlfriend's special coleslaw, everything is homemade here," says Gary.

Always looking forward to better days, right now, a few customers at the bar are enough for Gary to keep reopening the doors day after day.

"They kept me pretty much at home recovering from the surgery, but it was neat to come back and see people. They're like family," says Gary.

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