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Great food at great prices: Jizzles Sandwich Shop is ready to serve you

Posted at 6:32 AM, Apr 29, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-29 07:32:27-04

MILWAUKEE — Jizzles Sandwich Shop has had the same motto for 15 years, great food at great prices.

"Our biggest seller is chicken rice and gravy. At $5.26 and $5.86, you can't beat it," says Donte Lee, head chef at Jizzles.

For Head Chef Donte Lee, a meeting with the owner of Jizzles was like a dream come true.

"He was the first guy I met that just wanted to make sure people ate at a decent price. A lot of people we serve aren't able to get a home-cooked meal like we serve here, and they come and get it every day," says Donte.

COVID-19 may be changing the way things run day-to-day, but it hasn't changed the prices nor the food.

"We make sure we follow every guideline that they give us to follow, and that's the biggest thing. As long as we stand within the guidelines, we have no problems," says Donte. "I don't know how we keep it at the same price, but he does. His prices never change; they've been the same for about 15 years."

Continuing to serve Milwaukee throughout the week, Jizzles is a place that can quickly become a regular spot for customers.

"He said if you give them good food, they'll keep coming and want to know who you are want to talk to you. He's shown me that because everybody asks where he's at all the time," says Donte.

Note that Jizzles has moved locations from 4618 W. Burleigh St. to 2611 W State St.

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