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Get the perfect meal for your furry friend with Bark N Scratch Outpost

Posted at 6:30 AM, Oct 29, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-29 07:30:10-04

When Bark N Scratch Outpost opened its doors in 2006, it was all because of Snowbelle.

"There's food grade and feed grade and a lot of the foods on the market are feed grade. My bichon wasn't having none of that," says Carrie Marble, owner of the local pet store.

With Snowbelle enjoying her golden years, Carrie helps others find the perfect food for their pet.

"People don't realize that their pets are what they eat, just like us. And there are different degrees, there is a really good chicken meal because you want it in the product so there is more weight of the meat. Then there is bad by-product meal," says Carrie.

If you're not sure what your four-legged friend needs, no worries. Carrie and her staff are well educated on all of the products they carry.

"This is what's going on with my pet, what do I do? We can go through some very basic steps of elimination diets that can get you going somewhere good," says Carrie.

With a three strikes and you're out policy, Bark N Scratch Outpost only stocks "best in show" products.

"We don't want animals to feel this. Diet changes are tremendous on their digestive tract, just like us with sudden diet changes," says Carrie.

As for keeping owners safe, Bark N Scratch has that covered too.

"We have curbside, we have delivery, we have the protective gear in place, we've been giving away mask at the door since day one. So, we're doing everything we know how to do to keep it safe," says Carrie.

The next time your ball of fur needs to refuel, stop by Bark N Scratch Outpost to make sure everyone at home enjoys dinner time. Bark N Scratch Outpost is located at 5835 W. Bluemound Road in Milwaukee.

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