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Firewise BBQ changes business model during coronavirus

Posted at 6:47 AM, Jun 05, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-05 07:47:18-04

Firewise BBQ began as a competition team, but in 2016, they decided to take their smoker to the streets.

"The smokers on the back of the trailer, it's always running all day long. So if you get anywhere in the area you can smell the smell and it draws you in," Alex Obradovich, owner of Firewise BBQ, said.

Passionate about his product and public safety, Alex thought twice about reopening when COVID-19 hit Wisconsin.

"We're seasonal so we close for the winter and then we opened up April 1. I was pretty skeptical about opening, I wasn't sure if it was the right thing or the right thing to do. We decided to try it out and the response from the public has been great," Obradovich said.

Happy to see Firewise back in action, the cancellation of special events has given daily customers more chances to pig out during the week.

"Normally we run roadside on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and leave Friday, Saturday, and Sunday for events. But since all the events have been canceled we've been running roadside Tuesday through Saturday," Obradovich said.

While the meat speaks for itself, if you fancy some sauce, Firewise has you covered.

"We've got our fire sauce which is extremely hot. Then we have a sweet and spicy, a tangy, and a sweet sauce. The sweet sauce is out the signature sauce," Obradovich said.

Seeing familiar and new faces, Alex and Firewise are thankful to be open and have your support.

"I'm impressed and surprised that we've been as busy as we have been with everything that's been going on. So thank you to all of our great customers," Obradovich said.

Setting up in West Milwaukee, West Allis, and New Berlin just check online to find Firewise daily.

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