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Danielle's Deli in Brookfield offering staples like toilet paper, flour during coronavirus pandemic

Posted at 7:11 AM, Apr 28, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-29 09:55:55-04

BROOKFIELD — COVID-19 may be scaling down most businesses, but Danielle's Deli is fighting back by scaling up.

"We make all of our meats in house, we make all of our sausages, we cut our beef, steak, chicken, and pork. Anything out of the hot case is homemade, all of our salads, 90 percent of our frozens, we do a Friday Fish Fry. Sundays if you buy a pound of ham, beef, or turkey you get six free rolls. We grill on Thursdays, we make over 20 subs, and we have a full catering menu," says Danielle Galvin, owner of Danielle's.

"We've tried to do a lot more curbside pickup. We have a lot of call-in orders. We have tried out GrubHub, which is something new for us to do, we've never used them. We try to ask the customers what they would like us to do, or what kind of meals they would like prepared so it's easier for them to just come in pick up and get out," says Danielle.

Danielle has even added items to the deli's shop to help out high-risk customers.

"I have a lot of elderly customers and they are kind of worried. So I carry toilet paper, eggs, flour, and milk just because if they can get it here and not have to go to a big grocery store why not," says Danielle.

But make no mistake, things have not come easy for the deli or Danielle.

"You can't get this and you can't that. You can't even get a lot of pasta, so it's just trying to adapt to what we can have and explain to our customers that we're out of this you can try this instead. Another problem I'm having is I applied for a small business loan and all the money is gone now," says Danielle.

Overcoming struggles, Danielle's Deli is still open thanks to loyal employees and customers.

"I'm super grateful for my employees that are doing this and my customers that come in every day or support us on Facebook. Or call and ask what they can do to help us," says Danielle.

This is why, Tuesday through Sunday, Danielle's Deli will be ready to serve and help anyway it can.

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