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Brookfield's From Olives to Oil is changing perspectives on oils, vinegar

Posted at 6:24 AM, Sep 29, 2020
and last updated 2020-09-29 07:27:20-04

BROOKFIELD — Established in 2018, From Olives to Oil in Brookfield, changes your perspective on oils and vinegar.

"This is a tasting bar, you learn what you do like, how you can incorporate it. I'm here to help you take it to the next step," says Lori Hass, owner of From Olives to Oil.

Working with her Italian producers directly, Lori has your staple olive oil, but also some surprising flavors.

"When I said 'we would like bacon' he kind of looked at me like that's a very Americanized flavor. Yes it is, but it's in demand here," says Lori.

When the pandemic hit Wisconsin, Lori was forced to lay-off all of her employees.

"You may not realize that the income your store makes is my payroll. If I have no income coming in, I have no payroll," says Lori.

Opening and closing each day, the community helped Lori keep her doors open.

"I think they knew there go-to place, where it felt a little safer, and they could have good conversation and a necessity too pick-up was at From Olives to Oil," says Lori.

Still working to create new flavors, hosting cooking classes, or finding the perfect gift Lori, is doing it all. Plus, she is more than happy to help you elevate your meals one bottle at a time.

"We know balsamic vinegar, the acidity is a natural tenderizer you should be using it as a marinade. There is no added sugar, it's all-natural so you could be putting any of these balsamic in your greek yogurt," says Lori.

To check out From Olives to Oil, visit fromolivestooil.com.

Or visit the store at 17125 W Bluemound Rd.

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