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Allis Bike and Fitness serves the community during COVID-19

Posted at 6:54 AM, May 11, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-11 07:54:02-04

The Morateck family established Allis Bike and Fitness back in 1951.

"My grandfather started the business. My dad is still around, still the boss, figurehead, still the owner we just work for him," said Steve Morateck, third-generation working at the family business.

With four generations working in the bike shop, COVID-19 threatened to end 69 years of hard work.

"We were extremely worried. We had no idea like everyone else, what's going to happen. We have kind of, like a lot of businesses, change on the fly," said Steve.

Changes include locking the door to limit the number of customers in the shop at once and switching up store hours.

"We used to be open three nights a week, we are not anymore. We are only open through 6 Monday through Friday. Closed on Sundays."

However, in a surprise twist, changes like the hours are not because business is bad. It's going pretty well.

"We've been blessed with good weather and with everyone stuck at home, a lot of people are rediscovering bicycling. In times when it hasn't been the greatest, we're finally doing well," said Steve.

More cyclists on the road mean more repairs or new bikes to assemble. The biggest problem Allis Bike has now is keeping customers happy.

"Making sure people can get their bikes back in a reasonable amount of time, making sure we have enough product to sell. We're having a lot of issues right now where I would love to order more bikes but our suppliers are currently sold out and we're starting to sell out. We will get bikes soon, we just don't know when," said Steve.

The spike in business is not taken for granted. Steve is elated that customers choose to shop locally instead of ordering online or buying from a big box store.

"Awesome, it's just you know we are glad that we are here and are feeling a demand and a need. That people can come in and get their bikes fixed, buy parts, buy new bikes, buy used bikes and it's good that they are coming in because we couldn't do it without them."

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