Call4Action office offers extended hours for flood victims

Call (414) 967-5495

MILWAUKEE -- Over the next couple of weeks, a number of people who sustained flood damage will be looking to hire contractors to help them fix some of the damage.  But, before you allow a contractor to do the work, there are a few things that you might want to do to avoid getting scammed or having problems later.

Although it may be tempting to hire someone quick, it is important that you check things out and know who you are dealing with.  You may want to be particularly careful about hiring someone who shows up at your house, unannounced, offering to do a quick fix for cash and with no contract.  Unfortunately, scammers have been known to prey on people during major disasters.  When searching for a contractor, ask for referrals from family and friends, trade organizations like NARI,  and the Better Business Bureau.  Also check out the reputation of these contractors with consumer sources such as the Better Business Bureau.  If possible, get more than one estimate.  And, before you allow work to begin, make sure that you get a written, detailed estimate with the street address and phone number for the contractor.

If you suspect a scam or have been scammed, report it to police and consumer organizations, and alert your neighbors to watch out as well.  If you run into a problem with a contractor and are unable to get the situation resolved, contact consumer organizations like our Call 4 Action office for help. Call4Action office's Karen Stiles is offering free help until 11 a.m. Saturday July 15. Call (414) 967-5495 or fill the form out online.

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