Oklahoma man found living with corpse

Posted at 5:50 PM, Feb 09, 2019
and last updated 2019-02-09 18:50:19-05

(KFOR) An unassuming home in a suburban Oklahoma community is where police, and concerned loved ones made a haunting discovery.

50-year-old Lynn Christopher Little is now facing a number of felonies charges after Village police say he neglected his father, William Little, in life, and stole from him after he passed.

"Since at least Thanksgiving of last year, family members from out-of-state have been trying to contact their loved one," explained Deputy Chief Russ Landon with Village Police Department. "They were repeatedly told by the caretaker-son that he was unavailable, he was sick, or he was not home."

After months of no direct contact with William Little, those out-of-state relatives made a trip to Oklahoma to find out for themselves. But what they found immediately prompted a call to police.

"It didn't take officers very long, upon arriving, to know that someone had been deceased for quite some time," said Landon.

Court records show officers noted the unmistakable smell of a decomposing body, and that Little was located partially laying on his bed face up in an advanced state of decomposition...covered with bugs and appeared to no longer have eyes.'

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