Wisconsin gun-deer hunting season starts Saturday

Posted at 4:48 PM, Nov 14, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-16 08:30:17-05

Gun season for deer hunting kicks off this Saturday in Wisconsin. 

From a new tagging system to the approval of florescent pink gear, this year's deer hunting season comes with a number of changes. 


Here's a list of things to go keep in mind before you head out to hunt this season...

  • The new Go Wild license system is in place this year.
    • The DNR says the Go Wild system offers hunters greater flexibility to purchase and display licenses, but there are a few changes to keep in mind.
      • Carcass tags will be printed on regular white paper.
      • Carcass tags are now validated immediately after the kill by writing on them.
      • The carcass tag no longer needs to be attached immediately after the kill, but if you leave the carcass unattended you must tag it.
      • While afield, it is illegal to carry more than one copy of a carcass tag. 
  • Back tags are no longer required.
    • The DNR will not be issuing back tags this year.
  • Youth hunters must specify land type.
    • For the Junior Anterless Deer Tag, youth hunters will need to indicate whether they are on public-access or private land. For more information on the Youth Gun Deer Hunt click here
  • Blaze / fluorescent pink clothing may be worn in place of blaze / fluorescent orange.
    • At least 50% of outer clothing above the waist must be colored blaze orange or fluorescent pink.
  • For counties offering multiple tags, a different land type can be used for each tag.
    • All tags must still be within the same DMU. For more information about tagging, click here
  • Baiting and feeding deer is closed in some counties.
    • These counties include Forest, Oneida and Vilas.


For a full copy of the 2016 Wisconsin Deer Hunting Regulations,  click here

For a complete list of season dates and application deadlines, visit the DNR website