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Mother and son miraculously recover after being hit by speeding SUV at Waukesha Christmas parade

Through the pain, they say they are praying for the suspect behind this tragedy.
Marisol Lopez
Posted at 5:05 PM, Nov 26, 2021
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Marisol Lopez and her 10-year-old son Adair Rebollar-Lopez are grateful to be alive after being struck by the speeding SUV at the Waukesha Christmas parade.

Both mother and son were participating in the parade with the Catholic Community of Waukesha.

"I had so much happiness walking, talking to my friends," said Adair.

He says one minute they were taking in the holiday festivity and the next, complete chaos.

"I was walking when suddenly I felt the impact throw me in the air and then I fall to the ground and hit my head," said Marisol.

Adair was with his friends in the middle of the street when he was hit by the SUV.

"He's a miracle, the car ran over him, and he wasn't touched," said Marisol.

"I just closed my eyes when I was under the car and I was like I'm dead. Thank you God for letting me live," said Adair.

Miraculously, Adair was okay with minor injuries, however, Marisol was not.

"It was heartbreaking imagining that your mom is just laying down there and hurt with so much pain and you're the one that's not even hurt or anything," said Adair.

Marisol was taken to Waukesha Memorial by a sheriff. She was later released Wednesday and needs a walker to get around.

"I can't walk. For the impact in my head has been so painful lots of headache and swelling," said Marisol.

While the road to recovery is long, Marisol believes God gave her the strength to push forward for her three sons.

Through the pain, Marisol says that she is praying for the suspect behind this tragedy.

"When I was picked up from the floor, I was in the police car. I said to him, whoever did this, tell him I forgive him," said Marisol.

Marisol's family has created aGoFundMe page to raise money to cover medical expenses as the family recovers.

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