Cops: Woman mad about cut tried to shoot stylist

Posted at 5:36 PM, Feb 10, 2016

A woman unhappy with her haircut tried to open fire on the stylist who cut her hair, but he escaped unharmed after her weapon jammed, police said.

According to San Diego police, 29-year-old Adrian Blanche Swain received a haircut Wednesday morning at a hair salon in the 3900 block of 30th Street in North Park.

However, police said Swain returned to the business a few hours later to complain about the end result.

Swain tried to open fire at the stylist with a pistol -- pulling the trigger three times -- but police said the "gun had bullets but malfunctioned."

The stylist and another person grabbed Swain and held her until police arrived to take her into custody.

Swain was expected to be booked on suspicion of attempted murder.

No injuries were reported.