Report: Police shot hostage without warning

Posted at 12:44 PM, Apr 28, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-28 16:28:12-04

USA Today Network-Wisconsin posted a dash cam video recorded on the day of a standoff and hostage situation at Eagle Nation Cycles in Neenah. During the incident, officers fired shots at Michael L. Funk, who was running out of the building, He died from his injuries. 

The report alleges; "Police officers gave hostage, Michael L. Funk no warning to drop his hand gun before they shot and killed him Dec. 5." The video reportedly contradicts the initial account of how the incident transpired.

In a prepared statement, issued on the day of the incident, Neenah Police Chief Kevin Wilkinson said officers shot Funk who didn't obey orders to drop his hand gun. The criminal complaint against the hostage taker, Brian Flatoff , stated officers yelled "Police, show me your hands." Or, "Police, drop the gun." 

The report also questions a police statement that Funk received medical attention and died at the hospital. USA Today Network -Wisconsin says the video shows police brought an armored vehicle into the ally next to the business but did not make an attempt to help him. Chief Wilkinson would later admit Funk did not receive immediate medical attention.

The state Department of Justice is investigating the incident. How USA Today Network- Wisconsin obtained the video is not known. The media outlet reports it filed public records request for the video and none of the requests were granted. NBC26 also filed requests. However, the D.O.J. replied the video would not be released until the conclusion of the investigation.

Flatoff faces 11 felony charges including felony murder and attempted first degree intentional homicide. Funk's family has filed a $3.5 million wrongful death lawsuit against Neenah and three of the city's police officers. 

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