Father of Stephen Paddock, the Las Vegas concert shooting suspect, born in Sheboygan

His father was a well-known bank robber
Vegas shooting suspect's dad born in Sheboygan
Posted at 1:26 PM, Oct 02, 2017
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The Las Vegas gunman Stephen Paddock's family history leads to Wisconsin, and his father was born in Sheboygan. 

"The shooters father's name is Benjamin Hoskins Paddock and he was born here in Sheboygan in 1925," said Travis Gross, Executive Director of the Sheboygan Historical Society. 

The Executive Director of the Sheboygan Historical Society said Paddock lived in Sheboygan until he was about 5-years-old. 

The gunman's grandfather appeared to be a hard worker. 

"His father what we have found was a traveling salesman worked for several different companies one being out of Milwaukee when they were still living here in Sheboygan," Gross said. 

The shooter's grandmother was from a prominent local family. 

"His mother came from a family of Henderson was her maiden name and they were a fairly well-known maritime industry family here in Sheboygan. Her father and we believe some of her siblings were ship captains on the Great Lakes in the early part of the 20th century," Gross said. 

The historical society found records showing the family moved to Superior and then Chicago where the gunman's father started getting in trouble. 

"His life of crime started relatively early, looks to be in the middle late 1940's he was already getting into some trouble. Throughout the 1950's he was in and out of the Illinois state penitentiary for numerous different types of crimes," Gross said. 

Benjamin Hoskins Paddock was a bank robber. He escaped from prison and was on the FBI's most wanted list for eight years. The FBI deemed him a psychopath. 

"We look at it as just another thing that connects Sheboygan to the world kind of thing," Gross said. 

Other than a citation, authorities said Stephen Paddock didn't have a criminal background. 

The shooter's grandmother is buried at a cemetery in Sheboygan.