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City of Milwaukee to implement $600K project to create safer routes for public transportation

Posted at 10:38 PM, Mar 14, 2023

From 20th Street all the way down to Sherman Boulevard, leaders are working to make the entire stretch of Burleigh Street safe for not only bus riders but for pedestrians and bicyclists alike.

Making investments now to create a safer city for the future. That's the message Milwaukee officials are hoping to voice to the community as they take the next steps in implementing their Safe Routes to Transit project.

"The kind of improvements that we want to make should benefit everybody on the street," said Marissa Meyer, the senior transportation planner for the City of Milwaukee.

A public meeting was held for residents Tuesday to give feedback regarding the $600,000 project. The plan is to improve and transform multiple Milwaukee County Transit System bus stop locations along Burleigh Street. It's a route that officials say has seen around two dozen severe and even fatal pedestrian and bike crashes over the past five years.

"We have to look at ways that we can solve the problem otherwise it's just going to get worse," said one Milwaukee resident, Sally Callan.

Steven Hunter, a Milwaukee native and commuter for the past 15 years, says reckless driving in the city has made it more dangerous for people who rely on public transportation to walk there and use it.

"You're not the only person on the street," said Hunter. "I think that people aren't thinking about, 'how do I want my city to be in 10 years?'"

Currently, the city is looking at one of seven ways to help make bus stops along Burleigh safer including adding curb extensions - known as bus bulbs.

"They both prevent people from passing on the right which is one of the most dangerous things that people can do when they are drivers," said Meyer.

Once a full design is approved, construction for these improvements is expected to begin in mid-2024.

If you'd like to leave comments or feedback regarding the construction project, visit

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