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Zen Zen Yoga Arts challenges students' minds and bodies

Posted at 5:58 AM, Aug 24, 2021

MILWAUKEE — If the exercises Therese Baily is doing look like something from a circus show -- you wouldn't be far off. She says that's where aerial yoga got it's start.

“It's evolved into the fitness or exercise category.”

It's a unique workout, but Therese says her students at Zen Zen Yoga Arts get a lot out of it.

“Fun!” she says. “Fun and self-discovery. Challenge.”

It takes some time -- and definitely practice -- but Therese says her students develop a lot of strength.

“And then you start noticing, 'I'm actually doing pull ups! I'm pulling my weight off the floor,” she says. “And it may take a few times before you start to recognize that, but it does happen.”

She says people learning aerial yoga surprise themselves all the time.

“They're just doing it for the first time, many of them and maybe they'll never do it again,” Therese says. “But they have such a great time exploring how this works and what they're able to do.”

What might surprise you is Therese will be 70 years old this year.

“They can't believe it and it's likely that they're not seeing people who have explored their gifts the way that I have explored my natural gift.”

Therese says if she's special, it’s because she worked extremely hard. She's owned her own aerial yoga studio for 9 years--- and practiced mat yoga extensively before that.

“You can do what I’m doing, all you have to do is keep doing it, keep practicing, consistency. Wanting, willing, opening yourself to the possibility.”

She admits -- aerial yoga isn't for everyone. But, It's for more people than you might think.

“Go for the challenge!” she says.

And maybe the experience will help you discover what your true gifts are.

“It doesn't have to be this. This could be the catalyst! This could be the thing that says, 'wow, if I can do that, I wonder what else I can do?'”

You can find more information about Zen Zen Yoga Arts by following this link.

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