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'We need each other': 'The Power of Humans' tries to show us just how much good is in the world

Posted at 5:27 AM, Dec 07, 2021
and last updated 2021-12-07 06:35:32-05

GRAFTON, Wis. — If you have been thinking the world is filled with people who lack empathy and compassion, there is hope.

It's all thanks to an effort born in Grafton that is reminding us that the world is filled with many people thinking about the greater good.

A homeless woman rewarded with a job after sleeping in a parking lot is just one of the inspiring stories you will find on "The Power of Humans" website.

Organizers describe it as more than a website or social media platform. They say it's a "good news movement" celebrating what is right in our world.

Jim Kacmarcik is President and owner of KAPCO Incorporated. His company launched the effort.

"We have an internal stated goal of impacting one million lives annually," he says, saying that positive news and uplifting moments are widely available.

"There's nothing but good stories of humanity, showing the best that the world can be," Kacmarcik says.

He believes sharing positive forces can bridge our country's divide.

"This is one of the most stressed times that I've ever lived through. People taking far extreme viewpoints on different topics," he says. "We've got to bring everyone back in the middle and instill hope that we love each other and that we need each other and that we're here for each other. I've got your back and you've got my back. We just need so much more of that."

Danika Tramberg is the marketing communications manager at KAPCO. She hosts a podcast and gathers good news to share on the website.

"To wake up every day and create this content for people, to see it's all about goodness really enlightens me and I hope touches so many people," she says.

People visiting the site can even post their own positive news.

"You can hop right on our website, We have a Share Good portal, and you can upload videos, photos, and things that you're doing good in the day," Danika says.

"Giving people an opportunity to smile, feel comforted, no stress, no drama, no sides. The fact is that this is what America is. It's who we are," Kacmarcik says.

As you navigate "The Power Of Humans" site you can read and watch stories on perseverance, resilience, and compassion. Like a TikTok video where a veteran breaks down and cries after being gifted with a new scooter.

Such stories prove that "The Power of Humans" offers a respite from the sad news of today. A place away from the negative noise filled with shining examples of our world during challenging times.

"I think 'The Power of Humans' is that place where capturing those stories and reminding people that there's a ton of wonderful human people in the world in all walks of faith, from all different backgrounds who really care about each other. We have so much more in common as a population that we don't."

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