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Support local children in need with this year's Sports Auction 4 MACC

Posted at 7:59 AM, Dec 06, 2021
and last updated 2021-12-06 09:00:25-05

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The MACC Fund does so much to help families with children fighting cancer.

With our Sports Auction 4 MACC just over a week away, we wanted to highlight some of those families and their journeys.

Just by looking at him, you might not know that little Cree has cancer. His mom, Tracee Tolefree says he’s got a good spirit.

“He does, he doesn’t let it bother him at all,” Tracee says with a smile.

But she admits, things have been scary. After she found a lump under Cree’s arm, they ended up at Children’s hospital for tests.

“He ended up having 22 tumors,” Tracee says.

Cree was only 8 months old when he was diagnosed with neuroblastoma.

“When you hear the word cancer, you think of death, so it was like life or death,” Says Tracee.

“That boy is stronger than I could ever be,” says Cree’s grandpa, also named Tracey.

Tracey says Cree stayed tough through needle pokes, blood transfusions, and chemotherapy.

“He’s an inspiration for me.”

Tracey says, aside from the doctors, the people who have helped most are the staff at the MACC Fund Center.

“I feel in my heart they mad her feel more at ease,” he says of Tracee’s experience.

Tracee says the MACC Fund Center helped her find financial help when she had to leave work to care for Cree.

“Sometimes they even call just to check up on us,” she says.

Tracee says the staff have made long hospital stays much more bearable.

“It’s like you’re home.”

The Tolefree family knows you can’t beat cancer alone – and the MACC Fund Center was there to help.

“They were in the middle of the village!” says Tracey. “Looking at everybody around us and making sure that we’re comfortable.”

And just by looking at Cree you’ll know he’s more than comfortable.

The Sports Auction 4 MACC runs from December 6-10th. You can bid on great auction items like a stand-up paddleboard or a four-pack golf package for Whistling Straights. The proceeds support the work being done by the MACC Fund.

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