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Summerfest fans are excited to be back, love the multi-weekend format

Posted at 12:54 PM, Jul 05, 2022
and last updated 2022-07-05 14:04:34-04

MILWAUKEE — The crowds, the music, the fun.

"It's the first Summerfest in summer in two years!" says Summerfest's incoming CEO and President, Sarah Smith Panceri. "We're excited!"

Eager fans come from all over to enjoy the fest. Lane Miller is from Chicago.

"The weather couldn't be any more perfect," she says. "I came here with my hair down and I'm like nope!! It's going up."

It's the perfect style to groove to all the fantastic music.

For locals like Don Black, Summerfest is the symbol of summer.

"Isn't it fun to see Summerfest during the summer? Let me tell you something, I'm so excited about Summerfest. This is when you know it's summer in Milwaukee," Don says. "I love getting here early and scoping out where I'm going to eat and where I'm going to party. I'm all about Summerfest. I love it and I'm glad we're here!"

Kim Brahm and Judy Olsen are best friends from Grafton. They've been coming to the Big Gig for 35 years.

"We're both hairstylists," Brahm says.

Olsen has something else to celebrate — "It's my birthday, It's extra fun!"

For Pat Hastings of Shorewood, it's all about the music.

"When it comes to traditions, I like the music at Summerfest," she says. "You can't get this much music in a day, that's why I come here,"

It's not just fun — Summerfest also makes big contributions to charitable groups like Hunger Task Force, Next Door Foundation, United Way and more.

Randy Sandlin, a Senior VP for Generac, says signed guitars from the Generac Power Stage headliners will raise money for the Red Cross.

That stage area recently got a makeover.

"We redid the stage and made it Generac. It's great to be here in the month of June and July when it's actually summer. We have a great lineup of musicians so we're excited," Sandlin says.

Smith Pancheri says holding the festival over 3 weekends gives music lovers a better chance to enjoy the Big Gig.

"More and more people come from across the country to attend Summerfest. This allows more people to come to Summerfest who are not from Milwaukee."

Laney Miller from Chicago is one example.

"This is our very first time at Summerfest. I bought tickets to Jason Aldean for my mom as a birthday present. We're excited to be here."

Randy Sandlin, Generac’s Senior VP Global Product Management and Corporate Marketing, says signed guitars from the Generac Power Stage headliners will raise money for the American Red Cross.

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