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Smash Zone offers a safe place for you to release some rage

Posted at 6:05 AM, Oct 06, 2021
and last updated 2021-10-06 07:05:29-04

WAUWATOSA — We’ve all been there – so frustrated you just want to break something!

A business in Wauwatosa wants to give you that opportunity in a safe environment.

When you come into the Smash Zone in Wauwatosa, you’ll hear how it got it’s name. Owner Glenda Granados says breaking, smashing and shattering are great ways to relieve stress.

“Their experiences is just pure excitement, they’re getting ready to go. I can see the adrenaline start,” she says.

Glenda says people are dealing with stress from work, relationships and especially the pandemic.

“It’s so awesome, it’s like the best alternative therapy,” she says. “It really allows people to just let go and be free.”

She says this therapy works for even deeper tragedies. She started the Smash Zone in memory of her daughter Victoria, who died after a long battle with cancer.

“I know that when I was going through that stuff, I would get so frustrated and angry I’d smash things in the garage,” she says.

Glenda wanted to offer people a safe place to seek that same relief.

“It’s a way for me to express our story and then people can get to know Vicky through me.”

Glenda has refined her approach over the years, and the Smash Zone doesn’t just include smashing. Clients write a message on the wall that symbolizes them leaving behind whatever was causing them stress.

“So it allows them to move forward with different things,” Glenda says.

“After all the destruction and chaos, a handwritten note might not be enough. Which is why Glenda offers her clients a grounding meditation session.

“When we are exposed to a high amount of stress or even a high amount of energy, we need to be able to process that in an appropriate way so that we aren’t stuck in this high energy and not really knowing where to go with it,” she says.

It’s a process Glenda says she’s so honored to be a part of.

“They’re like brand new people,” she says about her clients. “They can say to themselves 'I already dealt with that and not only that, I smashed it out!'”

Glenda’s business is doing so well she needed to hire some staff. She wanted to keep doing good in the community, so she partnered up with Safe House and Project Heat. Glenda says she wants to give people a lift up in life.

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