‘Sherman Park Rising' painting inspires hope

Posted at 5:29 PM, Aug 11, 2017

A community project is bringing people together in the Sherman Park neighborhood. Its goal is Positively Milwaukee. It's called "Sherman Park Rising."

That's the name of a colorful mural outside a daycare at 47th and Center Streets. It's a reflection of a community healing.

"This is a visual example of what uplifting looks like," said Tia Richardson.

Richardson is a community artist who drew up the prototype of the project.

The 17 by 56-foot mural is collective creativity. Neighbors helped to draw up plans to paint the brick backdrop but leave with their own perspective.

"It's medicine in that whatever you need at that time you can get and take away from that I hope," Richardson said.

It's lifting each other up emotionally, mentally, and physically." Richardson also said.

"Sherman Park Rising" was born out of last summer's violence in Sherman Park after a police shooting.

"Everybody has brought their story to this piece. Everyone has brought their own pain, their own issues and have decided this is how I'm going to address those issues," Richardson said.

On the artwork viewers will find joy, pain, hope, and triumph.  At its core, a baby held toward the sky becomes a symbol of hope.

"Rising to protect the future and to hold the future and not get stuck in one narrative," Richardson said.

But the giant mural is more than a pretty picture. It's about the power of art and it's ability to transform.

"I want people to feel this lifting up emotionally I want people to feel it because when people feel better they do better," Richardson said.