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Sheboygan family says they have a family tradition of generosity

Posted at 5:37 AM, Aug 17, 2021
and last updated 2021-08-19 07:21:44-04

Joseph Corona-Hernandez is pretty good at counting, because he does it a lot.

He counts up all the pocket money he earns doing chores and donates it.

“Just in case they need it,” he says. “Like if it’s bad weather, they can use it to cover themselves, or if it’s raining or something.”

He and his parents and siblings – Anabella, Isabella, Matthew and Galilea – donate and volunteer a lot of their time to Meals on Wheels of Sheboygan County.

“I have to say, these are our youngest donors,” says Kelly Anderson, CEO.

Anderson says the tiny givers are constantly making her staff smile.

“If you know their mom, you know why,” she says. “Their parents are just great. They’ve raised wonderful, beautiful children.”

Apolinar Corona and Selene Hernandez say they know what it’s like to need a little extra help.

“That’s why I like to help people, to provide something,” Selene says. “I’m not, like, rich, but the little that I have I give to other people.”

Together, the family bought Christmas gives for Meals on Wheels recipients. Joseph also bought flowers for clients and staff.

And Selene says she’s never forced her kids into being generous.

“They told me, ‘Mom, I see that you help people, so can I do the same, too?’ and I said, ‘sure!’ So, all the time they tell me, ‘Mom, I have money, can I donate it to Meals on Wheels?’ And I say, ‘sure.’”

The Corona-Hernandez family has certainly had reason to quit this generous pastime.

Anabella had bone cancer and was only recently declared disease free. Her twin sister Isabella had a stroke in February that she’s still recovering from.

But Anabella says helping others is worth it for one simple reason.

“Seeing them happy.”

“I’m a proud mother, because they’re learning,” Selene says.

But Kelly Anderson says we all have as much to learn from these kids.

“They are just helpers, they are little angels on earth, honestly,” she says.

Apolinar now owns his own construction business and the Corona Hernandez family say they’re feeling comfortable and secure, which makes it that much easier to give back to others.

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