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Seven-year-old's good deed for the Slinger Fire Department

Posted at 6:07 AM, Apr 12, 2021
and last updated 2021-04-12 07:07:45-04

A Slinger celebration was born out of the good deed of a 7-year-old girl.

Students saluted Girl Scout Britney Bohn with signs and a parade. She even earned a ride in a fire truck. It all happened on March 26.

Britney Bohn explains, "I got a ride home from the fire truck this year because I was trying to help the firefighters in case there was a fire, they just had to hook up the hose"

In the dead of winter, she cleared the snow off dozens of fire hydrants as part of a girl scout project.

Firefighter Zach Jensen explains,"We're here today to honor and show our gratitude to Britney, who, throughout the course of winter shoveled 72 hydrants, to be entered into a drawing to win a ride home from Salt Lake today on the fire truck. A lot of firefighters a lot, that a lot more than everyone else. On average, maybe two to three, a snowfall if you were lucky, and she was averaging somewhere between 10 to 12, a snowfall."

Bohn's project motivated others to dig out hydrants. It touched her father Jason Bohn so much he signed up for the Slinger Volunteer Fire Department.

He notes, "It inspired me to actually join the fire department, so I became a volunteer just like all the other members of the center fire department. I'm going to try to do some good for the community also."

Jensen notes, "She went 10 times above and beyond what we were expecting anybody [to] really to do, and I think because of her it caught on in the village, and it wasn't just in her neighborhood that hydrants were getting shoveled. I think the adults kind of felt obligated to help."

Britney Bohn reminds us that goodness can spread like wildfires. It only takes one spark and, in this case, a determined little girl.

Bohn's favorite part about firefighting?

"That you help people be safe in case there's a fire."

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