Retired MPS worker still teaching through foster grandparent program

She retired from her job at MPS after almost 37 years. But 75-year-old Edwina Matthews is still nurturing kids. Her journey is Positively Milwaukee.

The kids at Mill Road Public Library in Milwaukee are beginning important chapters of their lives.
Edwina Matthews delights in passing on the joy of reading through the Senior Corps Foster Grandparent Program. It's run by the Social Development Commission.

The best part exclaims Matthews?

"Just seeing kids able to read, excited about reading and the parents excited, when the parents get excited the kids get excited!"

Matthews has been working with the program for almost a decade. She was not content to stay idle after retiring from MPS after almost 36 and a half years. Her life passion and purpose has always been to help kids.

Matthews says summer reading is a student brain booster."I've seen their reading levels go up."
she insists.

Matthews believes the more students read, the greater the chance their lives will be stories of success.

For more information about the Foster Grandparents Program call Linda Hopgood at SDC at 414-906-4608.


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