Rebel Stage at Summerfest offers unique experience, relies solely on volunteers

Posted at 3:15 PM, Jul 04, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-04 16:17:18-04
When heading out to Summerfest this year you may want to check out a distinctive venue. It's a stage that depends solely on volunteers. The Rebel Stage at Summerfest is a unique experience.
"It's a 100 percent volunteer and 100 percent non sponsored and they've been here for ten years," explains Rebel Stage supporter Mike Kryshak.
The venue is off the beaten path and welcomes a wide genre of musicians. It's not commercially driven.
Founder Eion McCarthy explains, "We originally were going to do a spot at a different stage and found out our spot was given away. But we had all our gear so we just found an outlet and started playing."
The Rebel Stage has gotten bigger and better every year. And, there's plenty of buzz, McCarthy says he got 3 thousand applications to play on the stage this summer.
He adds, "Absolutely not sponsored by Summerfest. We do everything independent, Everybody volunteers.. bands helping bands.. artists helping artists out artists every way they can it's great."
The Rebel Stage is an eclectic labor of love marching to it's own beat. It's proof that artists with passion will find ways to sing their songs, in a town with a strong music vibe and a crown jewel like Summerfest.
"The town and musicianship is unbelievable unquestionably some of the best in the country fantastic everyone comes out they volunteer, you couldn't ask for anything better," exclaims McCarthy.
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