Philanthropist returns for 88Nine Radio Milwaukee's 10 year anniversary

Posted at 10:25 PM, Jun 21, 2017

Philanthropist and former Milwaukee resident Peter Buffett is back in town for the 10 Year Anniversary of 88Nine Radio Milwaukee.

"That's why we created this station to remind people how wonderful this place is," Buffett said.

TODAY’S TMJ4 recently sat down with the son of billionaire Warren Buffett. He told us what he misses about Milwaukee.

"Just the fact there's so much pride here and kind of quiet pride," Buffett said.

As a successful composer and recording artist, Buffett has a passion for music and social justice. A lesson he learned in his youth from his mom and dad.

"What I felt in the house was a deep sense of how lucky he was, and how important it was for everyone to have the kinds of opportunity that he knew he had," Buffett said.

Warren taught him that loving your work is more important than working for money.

"Most people think of my dad as this guy who made a lot of money, but he was doing what he loved, he wasn't doing it for the money, he was doing it because he was good at it," Buffett said.

Buffett believes strongly in lifting others through his NoVo Foundation and supporting projects like 88Nine Radio Milwaukee. Buffett is a man who inherited a heart of compassion that makes him rich in spirit.

"Most people think I have to live up to something, there's this big shadow of a man, but it's not true at all,” he said. “I have to live into the gifts I've been given, and try and put money which is energy into the world."