NoVo Foundation fights to end injustice towards women

The foundation of a former Milwaukee resident is helping women all over the world. Its mission is Positively Milwaukee.

The NoVo Foundation seeks to end violence and injustice against girls and women.

Former Milwaukee resident Peter Buffett is co-president of the foundation along with his wife. He said his commitment to helping others began early.

"I grew up in the 60s, I was in a house that both my mother and father were deeply connected to civil rights and social justice," Buffett said.

The NoVo foundation is distributing $90 million to support girls and women of color in the United States. Buffett's billionaire father Warren Buffett donated the money to start the foundation.

"When Jennifer and I got the foundation dollars, all of a sudden my childhood came to life and all of a sudden this is what I was actually made of and what I was built from," he said.

Peter Buffett knows that with great rewards come great responsibility. That is why he's dedicated to enhancing the opportunities for those who have faced challenges.

"I've been gifted this big thing, I come from a family that is simple really and feels so strongly about social justice so my life's purpose is to really live into that," he said.

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