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Not even an addiction specialist was able to save his wife from drug abuse

Opioid addiction drugs severely underutilized, study finds
Posted at 7:55 AM, Nov 08, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-08 11:21:51-05

MILWAUKEE — Not even a medical director, who worked at a local clinic helping people overcome addictions, was able to protect his wife from the dangers of the opioid crisis. Now, he has an important message that's positively Milwaukee.

Ms. Duncan was a glowing mother of 4 and the light of Dr. Neville Duncan's life. The trained OBGYN heads First Step Community Recovery Center. The agency helps clients conquer addiction.

"It has torn families apart, it has taken members of families dead," Dr. Duncan said.

He knows this all too well.

"It took my wife last year," he said sadly

She overdosed two weeks before their 5th anniversary.

"This was cocaine mixed with fentanyl that she was snorting," he said.

Dr. Duncan's honesty is a lesson for all of us.

"I'm not unique. I make mistakes. I overlook things... unfortunately... and I've lost."

He knows that addiction does not discriminate. Often it's born out of childhood trauma and past burdens. Dr. Duncan warns nothing changes until the addict is ready.

"In my experience, if your not ready for a change here and here it's a waste of time and money because recidivism is going to occur."

Dr. Duncan said his personal tragedy helps him better understand those in the grips of substance abuse.

"It means a lot to be here and rewarding for me to share my story with them," he said. "There is help out here, you need just to ask."