Neighborhood sports league helps motivate kids

Posted at 8:56 PM, Nov 18, 2016

Another season of the Neighborhood Children's Sports League has come and gone, but memories remain. 

"It's fun" exclaims NCSL player Marcus Janzen. "Fun, like work hard type of fun!"

"The best thing is to see the children have fun and enjoy playing with each other," said Shirley Leonard, who enjoyed watching her grandson play this fall. 

"The coaches are actually encouraging to the boys, even with school they want to encourage them to do better and as young men coming up," said Grandparent Alicia Reed. 

Parents said NCSL coaches create winning attitudes off the field. And they enjoy the excitement of the games. Alicia Reed admits watching her grandson play was almost too fun. 

"I think I pulled a muscle a couple of times...ha.ha..ha.. but I love it I'm here every week rooting him on," she laughs.

Reed said the discipline and lessons learned this fall were helped boost her grandson's report card. 

"His coaches are like, 'Hey if you are not doing what you are supposed to be doing in school, you will not play today. He's been on the honor roll every since. I'm so proud of him!" Reed reveals. 

This year 750 students took part in the league. Many look forward to next season when they are stronger and smarter thanks to the Neighborhood Children's Sports League.

What was one lesson Marcus Janzen learned as a young player?

"Even when you lose you still win!"