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Milwaukee woman works to expand tech opportunities in the city

Posted at 10:40 PM, May 03, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-03 23:45:20-04

A 26-year-old Milwaukee native is chasing her dream to make Milwaukee one of the most inclusive tech hub cities in the country.

Nadiyah Johnson is the founder of "Jet Constellations."

Her software company targets minority communities with a focus on startup tech companies and stem education.

"Milwaukee is full of potential," said Johnson. "As of late, Milwaukee's tech community has been thriving. What I focus on is making sure Milwaukee is the most inclusive tech hub in the nation."

The Marquette Graduate is on a personal mission to enlighten the urban community and remind them that they too can be founders and CEOs of their own tech company.

"We take people from ideation all the way to the delivery of a product," she said.

Johnson describes an app called Style Q created by a local woman that connects stylists and beauty professionals with customers.

"Here at Jet Constellations one of the things we like to focus on is empowering people," Johnson said.

This Milwaukee native also works at GE Medical Centers. She has an innovative dream to see Milwaukee branded as the Milky Way initiative, which means everyone can be a part of the tech revolution.

"We function to create an ecosystem in Milwaukee's tech scene that mirrors Milwaukee's diverse population."