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Memories of a cherished mother

Posted at 8:26 PM, Dec 13, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-13 21:26:13-05

MILWAUKEE — "My mother is my best friend, she was the life of the party,” recalls Dana Johnson.

Johnson's mom Judy Patterson died of breast cancer. But from tragedy a passion was born.

"She passed on January, 8 of 2003. And since then, I have found my way through various organizations to make certain that I advocate, not only for a state level in Wisconsin but nationally in DC, as well."

During the pandemic Dana Johnson launched a new nonprofit LLC. It's called "Pink Table Top. Org. She hosts conversations about breast cancer on several platforms, including YouTube and social media.

"I've had an opportunity to sit at the table for the last 17 years since my mom passed a breast cancer. I've been fortunate in that right, but wanted to do something to go to the next level. And the next level was birthing the pink Table Talk, that LLC, and it simply is a conversation that I have been having with women and men. I also invited a few doctors and oncologists, as well as scientists to come to the table and just simply speak their truth and talk about their perspective on breast cancer so that he could reach out to the masses and hopefully educate others."

So far, an enthusiastic reception.

"Since its birth, people have come out of the woodwork to say I can come to the table for the conversation. "It's just been a phenomenal experience thus far and very humbling."

The Pink Table Talk promotes action.

"Make certain that the lawmakers know that it's not just about the trigger event it's not just about to walk. But there's more to it and that's the platform for this podcast, to let people know that it is education driven, it's research driven, and it's policy driven.

With the Pink Table Talk we will be tackling the educational component as it relates to the city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. But never far from Johnson's mind, recollections of her extraordinary mom.

"I just feel like she was just always there, and whether I needed her and in any light through just showing me what it is just to be a strong woman, showing me what it is to be the constant friend."

Her mom's example inspires Dana to be the best possible mom to her own 10-year-old son,
"I think back to when I was a girl scout and all the sacrifices that she made for me, so I make a point to be like Superman if you will sometimes to the point of exhaustion."

Like a medicine to help, "The Pink Table Top emerges as a poignant tribute to Dana's guardian angel.

"Being able to bring you this platform makes me feel like I'm doing something special for her.

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