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Local woman opens 'pay what you can afford' produce store

Posted at 2:29 PM, Feb 21, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-01 10:21:32-05

"People are hurting." That's just one reason why Gina Nygro opened up a small shop with big hopes.

Greater Good(s) MKE is located at 5205 West North Avenue in Washington Heights.

"It's a teeny, little neighborhood, where you can buy produce. You pay what you can afford. "

Nygro, a retired flight attendant wanted a place where neighbors in need can connect.

"Neighbors have been coming in. Some have paid more some have paid less. Some come back with recipes that they made with fruits and vegetables that they'd never seen before."

So far there's been positive reactions from neighbors. Clients love the option to get or share healthy food. It's a shop that feels warm and inviting. Nygro shares the feedback has been amazing.

"The church across the street from me gifted me some money to help pay for my rent.

"I thought about this concept after volunteering at local food pantries. They offer such a good service to our community but the one thing that they don't have is fresh produce,. Fresh produce is hard to navigate.

Greater Good(s) MKE gives respect to those in need.

"I just think it offers a different kind of dignity to people that are coming in, some people pay a little bit more and some people pay a little bit less. "

Nygro says she was motivated by a higher power.

"He kind of just started opening doors for this. I had an idea in my mind and then he just started opening doors and asking me to step through."

"It was a tragedy in her own life that made Nygro ore determined to lift others.

"10 years ago, my husband died suddenly, and my world pretty much came crashing down. I was surrounded by people of faith. People who love me, and helped the boys and men get back on our feet. I've learned that God is my rescuer."

And she's always remembered the wisdom of her husband's mother.

"My mother-in-law was the one that told me you know this can make you bitter, or this can make you better and you'll have that choice."

Nygro's choice is clear. She was made better as she extends love to all.

She adds, "Some people have to go through hard times alone. They just want them to know that, you know, there's somebody here, and their neighbors care about them here. I know it's just fruits and vegetables, but I think it's more than that. They want them to know that God loves them."

"If we can offer just a little bit of hope here that there's a better story, that people will want to share what they have with their neighbors. I think that it's worth it. So far, I can see, I can see God working," Nygro laughs gently.

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