Local 7-year-old uses birthday to help less fortunate

What she did is Positively Milwaukee
Posted at 5:28 PM, Nov 23, 2016
Most kids look forward to getting presents on their birthday, but one Milwaukee girl used her special day to give back. That's why 7-year-old Stella Huff is Positively Milwaukee.
Like most 7-year old's, Stella Huff enjoys playing with Legos, American Girl dolls and rock climbing. She also enjoys people.
"She's outgoing, when we go to the grocery store she'll introduce herself to strangers and talk to people. She's interested in other people genuinely, says mom Stephanie Huff. 
Stella shows a lot of compassion for a child her age. She recently asked her mom if they could invite poor people to their home to feed them.
That's when Stephanie Huff explained the concept of a food bank. So this week Stella donated 160 pounds of food to the Hunger Task Force. The food was collected at Stella's birthday party. Instead of gifts, Stella asked her friends to bring non-perishable food items. 
Stella has deep compassion for the hungry and the homeless.
"I feel sad. I want them to have a home but they can't because they don't have one," Stella shares. 

"She's so sweet, she's a really sweet and caring person. She has a lot empathy towards others," Stephanie said.
But Stella deflects the praise saying, "I give all the credit to my friends." 

To her friends who shared their food with the poor, Stella has this heartwarming message.
"Thank you for all the food you gave me, I really really hope you have a good Thanksgiving."
Her mom adds, "She's a great little girl. I am a proud mom. She's a good girl."