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'It's bigger than clothes': Local fashion company designs hope for future generations

Posted at 10:59 PM, Mar 09, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-10 00:12:04-04

MILWAUKEE — In August of 2016, Sherman Park was a battlefield.

"When you feel like no one's there for you and you are backed into a corner, you are going to react. That's what that was, that was a reaction of years and years of no one thinking that they cared about us," said Travis, one of No Fingerprints creators.

From those ashes, rose Sherman Phoenix, a sanctuary within the park.

It was the perfect place to be introduced to No Fingerprints clothing.

"Honestly, it just came about with a group of friends trying to figure out a way to stay together. It's working," said Chaz, another creator of the clothing line.

Growing up in the 414, the group of men behind the line, have seen it all.

"We grew up in this community. We've seen this community's ups and downs. And we've seen when it was up, why it was up," said Travis.

Wanting to keep their city up is why No Fingerprints exist.

"Before we produced a piece of clothing, we said let's figure out a way to explain to people why we're calling this No Fingerprints. That's how the mission was birthed. To provide today's generation with premier design & fashion reminding them that you don't have to leave behind "negative" fingerprints to determine who you are as a person, it takes strength, determination, hard work, and passion to be successful," said Chaz.

Through shirts, hats, and joggers, No Fingerprints has sewn fabric into something more than fashion.

Check out styles and merchandise at No Fingerprints Clothing.

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