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First annual Indaba African Ball kicks off Black History Month at St. Ann Center

Posted at 9:44 PM, Feb 07, 2020

Music, food, fashions, and fun. All part of the First Annual Indaba Ball at St. Ann Intergenerational Center, Bucyrus Campus. Indaba means gathering place.

"This event is a fundraiser for our Indaba bandshell. It's intended to raise money to support entertainers they will have this summer in our bandshell, " explains Gloria Miller, Special Events Coordinator.

The shell was built 3 years ago. The goal is to highlight the talent in the northside neighborhood and beyond. President and Founder Sister Edna Longeran envisions a great lineup.

"The money will let us pay for some great talent in this bandshell, there's a lot of talent in this neighborhood, I think its a well-kept secret."

Sister Edna says there are many misconceptions about the area when it comes to crime. "I haven't seen any! None," she says emphatically. "I see struggle and I see a lot of hopeful neighborhood people. They want every opportunity that any other neighborhood would want."

Miller says, "I used to live in this neighborhood. I lived off of 17th and North Avenue. It was a thriving community. It's fighting to come back to that again. "Sometimes they can't get loans because they're in this 53206 zip code. That's wrong. They need help just like anybody in any zip code."

The event also paid tribute to local legends. A great way to embrace unity and salute the first week of Black History Month.

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