Beloved coach battling stage 4 colon cancer

Posted at 10:29 PM, Sep 30, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-30 23:29:43-04

Teamwork is at its best at Lincoln Park on Saturday when the Neighborhood Children's Sports League takes to the gridiron.

59-year-old Bob Reddic Jr. has been coaching for 27 years. He exclaims, "Them my babies, this one right here, they won today!"

Reddic's dedication is still strong as he tackles stage 4 colon cancer. Doctors tell him to stay at home, but he goes every week. Why? Reddic shares, "Because the boys need me."

Reddic admits, "Right now I'm depending on the Lord more than I ever have, and I'm depending on my doctors more than I ever have." But he says watching the families, players and coaches is good therapy. Reddic is legendary for building winning teams and players. He explains, "I'm a no nonsense coach, I'm kind of like a school teacher, a good school teacher."

But Reddic says it's about more than football. It's about leaving the young men with lessons off the field.
"Even when they lose I make them understand you won!. You won because you played the game!" He knows without the NCSL, many kids would be on the streets, in harm's way. Reddic declares, "If this would ever be eliminated, I'm pretty sure a lot of these kids would fall."

He points out that despite the more than a thousand people on the fields throughout the day, any skirmishes are minor. "Our issues can't be that big cause the police aren't even out here."

Bob volunteers his time, like all of the coaches at the NCSL, He says the only payment is satisfaction. "I'm getting paid, I'm paid by the parents bringing them, I'm paid in full actually."

And Bob Reddic's commitment to the players and the NCSL league gives him the power to fight and win one of the biggest battles of his life. Reddic asserts, I'll be out here until the big guy decides he needs me up there sitting up next to him."