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A salute to high school seniors

Posted at 1:30 PM, Aug 27, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-27 14:30:26-04

Senior year in high school is a time when memories are made. But for the class of 2020, major milestones like graduation were missed.

Senior Jada Young says, "Lot of my friends have been really sad, especially ones who worked hard in high school. A few of my friends are valedictorians and they're really upset not being able to sit stage."

But Jada who plans to go to UW Madison next semester understands why.

"It's important to think about other people's safety not just yours, and don't be selfish especially when Covid can kill you."

But, guidance counselor Angilique Jones-Cornelius formed a Facebook group inviting community members to adopt a high school senior and show their support. Cornelius-Jones explains, "They can do that in a number of ways, send a card, an e-mail, yard signs, some have bought bags for college."

A loving gesture for teens who lost a rite of passage hard to replace. Young says the Facebook idea eased the sting of schools' sudden end.

Young states, "Thank you for making all the seniors out here feel special. If it wasn't for people giving it would have been more sad. It helps people get in a happy uplifting mood. So thank you."

Helping a student is easy. All you have to do is go to the Adopt a High School Senior Milwaukee Wisconsin Facebook page. How and who you choose to help is up to you,

Jones-Cornelius Jones adds,

"I have doctors and nurses on there they may want to help someone in that field sometimes people want someone from UWM. Maybe they want a future Panther---some want a student really having challenge, they may be in foster care or they may be a teen mom or dad and they want to help that way."

"There's room for everybody in the community to help a senior,” says Cornelius-Jones.

Cornelius-Jones is a guidance counselor at Golda Meir School. She's amazed at the public response.

She says, "It puts a smile on my face. My heart just melts when you see the students smile, they been so appreciative of this happening to them."

"It just warms my heart, It's everything that I wanted it to be and even more, it's my passion.”

And through the "Adopt A High School Senior Program, strangers are showing their school spirit by cheering graduates in this unique way. Compassion for the Class of 2020 marches on,

Young shares, "If any of my adopters see this, thanks for sending me notes and the presents and stuff. I really appreciate it.

Thank you!"

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