100 day get fit and beyond pushes women to live healthy lives

Posted at 8:26 PM, Oct 06, 2017

It's the "One Hundred Day Get Fit and Beyond Challenge" group. The goal is simple. Keep moving and improve health. TODAY'S TMJ4 met the group of ladies at Brown Deer High School and found the women walking for wellness. 

The club was started by Donna Owens who lost 2 hundred falls when she fell trying to pick up something her daughter dropped and could not get up. "When I fell I couldn't get up so I had to scoot back from the kitchen into the living room just to have some support to get up. It was then I decided I had to make a change."

Owens reached out on social media and more than 200 members share their daily workouts, on Facebook and in person.

"It's much more than working out, it's about your health your wellness, it's about living it's about being yourself," Owens said.

Teammates say moving together works magic for their mental and physical health.  And after watching the ladies, it's clear they're taking steps in the right direction.