PolitiFact Wisconsin: Walk-O-Meter

Posted at 6:41 PM, Sep 27, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-27 19:41:36-04

Politicians make promises all the time when they are running for office - but do they deliver?  

PolitiFact Wisconsin looks at a couple of promises Gov. Scott Walker made as he prepares for another running.

In 2014, Governor Walker made a pitch to voters with an idea that could save taxpayers money.    

"The governor promised that he would sell unneeded state assets, buildings whatever it might be, to help pay down the state debt," said Tom Kertscher with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

PolitiFact Wisconsin says lawmakers gave Walker the authority to sell state assets to help pay down an $8 billion debt at the time, but ...  

"What we found though is only one sale has occurred since he made the promise in 2014 and that actually was already in progress before he made the promise," Kertscher said.  

Instead of the Truth-O-Meter Politifact Wisconsin rated this campaign promise "stalled" in the Walk-O-Meter.

"Walker also promised to work with utilities to reduce energy prices," Kertscher said.

We're talking electricity bills for homeowners, factories and businesses.  

"What we found here is that by and large electricity prices are higher now in Wisconsin than they were in 2014 when he (Walker) made the promise," Kertscher said.

This campaign promise was rated Stalled.

PolitiFact Wisconsin has rated 86 of Walker's campaign promises since 2010, half have been kept, about one-fifth have been broken.