PolitiFact Wisconsin: Gov. Walker's tax cuts

Posted at 7:05 PM, Jun 22, 2018

Taxes sure to be a big topic as we near the midterm elections. PolitiFact Wisconsin checks a claim by Gov. Scott Walker on how much he has saved taxpayers since he took office.

Look for  Walker's tax cut record to be his calling card as he seeks another term in office.

"We're fact checking Governor Walker. The governor says that during his time in office, taxes have been cut by a total of $8 billion," said Tom Kerstcher with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

$8 billion is a lot of money. PolitiFact Wisconsin checked the numbers with the non-partisan, Legislative Fiscal Bureau.

"Their tally actually came out to about eight and a half billion dollars," said Kertscher. "That includes tax cuts from 2011 through the current state budget which ends in June 2019."

Democrats don't doubt Walker's tax cut numbers but they tell PolitiFact Wisconsin they dispute the benefits.

"There's been criticism of the tax cuts," said Kertscher, "We didn't find anyone challenging that $8 billion figure, but critics have said the tax cuts, whether it's property taxes or income taxes have favored the rich and corporations too much in their view."

In this case, the numbers add up. PolitiFact Wisconsin rated Walker's claim: True.