PolitiFact Wisconsin: GOP tax breaks for the middle class?

Posted at 6:30 PM, Oct 13, 2017

The talking points for and against the Republican's tax reform plan are flying fast. Are the tax breaks really for the rich or the middle class? PolitiFact Wisconsin breaks down one claim.
House Speaker Paul Ryan trying to make a strong case for his tax reform plan.
It calls for reducing the seven individual income tax rates to just three - with the hopes of helping the middle class.
"His claim was that the middle income the middle-class folks in the United States the ones living paycheck to paycheck are the one who are the focus of this tax reform plan not the wealthy high-income earners," said Greg Borowski with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.
But PolitiFact Wisconsin found that those who make the most money will benefit the most.
"The top 1 percent of earners will get 80 percent of the benefits at least by one analysis of this report," Borowski said. "Their income after this payment goes up 8.5 percent or so."

There are other benefits in the Republican plan like increasing the standard deduction and expanding the child tax credit, but...
"The numbers just don't stack up from what we know about the claim so far," Borowski said. "There's an element of truth to that, the middle-class get some breaks but not nearly as much as the wealthy would under this plan."
PolitiFact Wisconsin rated Ryan's claim Mostly False.
A spokesperson for Speaker Ryan says while the plan "reduces rates for everyone," the wealthiest individuals "will continue to pay at least the same proportion of the country's taxes."