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PolitiFact Wisconsin: Fact-checking House Speaker Paul Ryan

Former Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, wearing a blue suit, found out about his family history recently
Posted at 7:19 PM, Dec 21, 2018

House Speaker Paul Ryan's career in Congress is coming to an end in a few days.

PolitiFact Wisconsin looks back on some on Ryan's claims and how they stacked up on the Truth-O-Meter

"Paul Ryan says we have laws that are designed to prevent people with mental illness from getting firearms," said Tom Kertscher with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Ryan was responding to the Florida school shooting where 17 people were killed, and mental illness was a concern regarding the shooter in that case.

"There are some federal and state laws the prevent certain people, for example those that are committed to mental care institutions from getting a gun," said Kertscher. "However, there are not laws that apply to many many more people who have serious mental illness, are not being treated and can legally get a gun."

PolitiFact Wisconsin rated this claim Half True.

"Ryan said that the Republican tax plan that was approved by congress about a year ago would save the typical family of four $1,182 dollars per year," said Kertscher.

PolitiFact Wisconsin says the GOP consolidated seven income tax brackets down to four.

The number Ryan referred to is for a family of four making $59,000 a year or the median household income nationally.

"The dollar figure that Ryan cites does come from a solid estimate," said Kertscher. "However, that figure would apply only for 2018 and after that the savings is expected to go down each year eventually becoming a tax hike at the end of 10 years."

PolitiFact Wisconsin rated this claim Half True