PolitiFact: Trump on ‘Buy American' for Keystone XL pipeline

He claimed pipelines will be American steel
Posted at 6:52 PM, Apr 21, 2017

President Donald Trump's visited Kenosha's Snap-on Tools this week to help promote his “Hire American, Buy American” agenda, and touted American steel for the Keystone XL pipeline.

PolitiFact Wisconsin drills down on one of his claims to see if it passes the Truth-O-Meter.

During an interview with TODAY’S TMJ4 Trump referenced the Keystone pipeline and a requirement that American steel be used for all US based pipeline projects.

"So all pipelines that are coming into this country from now on has to be American steel which is really a big factor," he said.

Just days after taking office, Trump signed a memorandum that calls for US oil pipelines to use American steel but PolitiFact Wisconsin found it does not have the force of law.

"The memorandum tells the Secretary of Commerce to work ways to maximize the amount of American steel used in pipelines," said Tom Kertscher of the MIlwaukee Journal Sentinel. "But there are no hard requirements certainly that only American steel be used."

The Keystone pipeline is not yet under construction but the steel has been ordered and about half of it is from America.

The president's memorandum applies to new projects.  

"The White House itself actually, essentially had to correct him and say the memorandum he signed does not apply to the Keystone," Kertscher said.

PolitiFact Wisconsin rated Trump's claim: False.

PolitiFact has fact checked 40 statements Trump has made since he became president.

There's a wide range of ratings: five Half True, eight Mostly True, 12 Mostly False and 13 False. 

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