Governor's race down to the wire

Posted at 8:24 AM, Nov 05, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-05 09:24:08-05

It's down to the wire for both candidates in the race for governor in what could be a game of inches or millimeters.

A crowded room of Republicans hopes to pull off another victory for Scott Walker.

"We are ready for a big victory," said Walker, "starting tonight when we beat the Patriots.

Eight years ago Walker was part of a red wave that saw Republicans take over state houses and the house of representatives. This year, history suggests the mid terms could be a blue wave for Democrats. 

Walker tells TMJ4's Charles Benson his closing argument to voters is all about the economy and health care coverage.

"We will always cover people with pre existing conditions," said Walker. "You have heard me say this repeatedly, I said this at the debate, my mother, wife and my brother all have pre existing conditions."

Democrats are just as determined to pull out a win.

"It's a tight race," said Tony Evers, "we have to get people out to vote." 

For Tony Evers - a cancer survivor - health care and education are the driving campaign issues for Democrats

"I mean clearly people are concerned about their health care and want to make sure they have accessible and affordable health care they're also concerned about their kids and grandchildren like I am," said Evers.

Walker and Evers have something in common they both have won three state wide elections. But getting over the finish line for a fourth time is turning out to be a bigger battle for both than any previous campaigns.