Anti-Trump backlash could propel Wisconsin Democrats to Senate seat

Jarchow, Schachtner race closer than expected

MADISON,WI -- Wisconsin Democrats are banking that ani-Trump backlash gives them a shot to win Tuesday's special election. 

The seat, located in Wisconsin's 10th Senate District, is normally solid for Republicans in a red-leaning district.

However, with President Donald Trump's rating in Wisconsin low and falling, many are closely watching the race between Somerset Democrat Patty Schachtner and Rep. Adam Jarchow. 

On paper the race looks like Jarchow's, with both Trump and Mitt Romney easily winning the district in the last two elections, and Republican Sheila Harsdorf held the seat for years before she quit in November to join Gov. Scott Walker's cabinet. Plus, Jarchow has the fundraising edge.

But Democrats say people are appalled by Trump and by extension the rest of the Republican Party. They point out Democrats captured 15 seats in Virginia's House of Delegates in November and defeated Roy Moore in Alabama.

A win would give Republicans a 19-13 advantage in the senate. 

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