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Woman robbed and held at gunpoint while she was taking a bath

Posted at 2:39 PM, Dec 22, 2018

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North St. Louis County, MO (KMOV) -- A 34-year-old woman does not want to give her name or show her face, but on Monday at 11:15 am she was taking a bath and her friend was smoking a cigarette outside.

As her friend was coming back into the home, she said two unmasked men followed him into the home and pushed him to the ground.

"I was taking a bath, I was already in the tub and I heard a big commotion going on and I called out to my friend and asked him if he was okay," said the female victim.

She says the two men entered the bathroom and pointed a gun at her head and demanded her property.

"I immediately said, 'Just take everything, you don't have to do this,'" said the female victim.

Surveillance video shows the men putting a 55" flat screen TV into their getaway car. In addition to taking her TV, the woman says they took two tablets, a X-BOX gaming system, an Apple watch, money and medications.

After this incident, she says she keeps a gun near the front door and takes it with her anytime she goes outside.

"You must be armed. We're armed taking out trash. We didn't have to do that before," said the victim.

She did not want to provide her address for safety reasons, but she lives in a neighborhood in North County between Shackleford Road and New Halls Ferry Road. She has lived in the neighborhood since 1997 and says this area used to be safe, but it is not anymore.

"People breaking in cars, people getting held at gunpoint...back when I was going to school, it was not like that," said the female victim.

She said this is the second time her home has been broken into and there were four other incidents where she says people attempted to break in by banging on the door, but never actually gained entry.

St. Louis County Police are investigating.