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Why you shouldn't cancel your Bahamas vacation

Posted at 11:25 AM, Sep 06, 2019

One of the best things we can do right now is plan vacations to visit the Bahamas.

You read that right! It is important to remember that the Bahamas is more than just the few islands in the northwest part of the country that got hit by Dorian. The Bahamas is comprised of more than 700 islands and over 2,000 rocks and cays. The islands are spread out over 100,000 square miles of ocean.

So that means that only a small portion of the country suffered Hurricane Dorian’s wrath.

Why you shouldn't cancel your Bahamas vacation

Grand Bahama Island, where Freeport is located, and Marsh Harbour in the Abacos, suffered major destruction. But the rest of Bahamas are open for business. Bimini, San Salvador, the Exumas and Nassau and Paradise Island, just to name a few, are ready and need your business.

Continuing to bring tourism dollars to the Bahamas will only help them to rebuild faster. Not planning trips or even canceling existing reservations would only add insult to injury to a country in need.

Canceling or not planning a trip to the Bahamas would have been like canceling a trip to Fort Myers, Orlando or Miami after Hurricane Michael struck the Florida panhandle last October as a Category 5 storm. None of those cities were impacted by Michael. However, Mexico Beach suffered catastrophic damage and is still rebuilding to this day.

If you have never been, they have some of the best fishing, snorkeling and diving in the world.

The image above gives you an idea of the size of the Bahamas compared to Florida.

This story was originally published by Trent Aric on WFTX.